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In the early days of the Internet, domain name registration was free, but there were limitations imposed on the number of domain names one could register.  Then as the commercialization of the Internet became widespread, and private companies became involved as registration providers, those restrictions were removed and fees applied.Today domain name registration generally retails for between a few dollars to under $20.

But just like ticket scalpers often charge outlandish prices for tickets to the big game, a lot of people have gobbled up domain names they never had intention of using, but instead are reselling these names at outlandish prices.  As a result of this widespread cybersquatting, there is a good chance that the domain name you first think is perfect for your business may already be registered by somebody just posting advertising links.  Some of these names are for sale, but at inflated prices.  My advice is to not encourage these cyberthieves, and instead keep hunting for a name you can register at the standard rate of about $10 to $15.

The process is simple.  In my experience, GoDaddy is a great place to register your domain name.

The Big Deal here is that by clicking on the the GoDaddy ad on this page, you can save a couple bucks on the cost of registering your domain name.

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