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Payroll Services

Payroll ServicesPayroll is complicated. I know more than a little about the subject, having processed payroll in several businesses in which I have been involved. I also wrote software for payroll processing for a business owned by one of my brothers. That was a major project, but it proved extremely useful to computerize the whole process,... Read More »

Website Services

Not long ago, actually about 2 years ago, I mentioned to my son that I planned on developing a website specifically aimed at businesses who do not yet have a website.  This website would be filled with advice on everything from securing a suitable domain name, to selection of a web hosting provider, to developing... Read More »

Domain Name Registration

In the early days of the Internet, domain name registration was free, but there were limitations imposed on the number of domain names one could register.  Then as the commercialization of the Internet became widespread, and private companies became involved as registration providers, those restrictions were removed and fees applied.Today domain name registration generally retails... Read More »